Typewriter Time Machine – An Introduction


We’re currently developing ideas and composing music for an upcoming musical project called Typewriter Time Machine.

Typewriter Time Machine is not a story about time travel, although it’s awash with moments of chronological displacement. And its not a story about good vs. evil, although the story pits optimism against cynicism, hope against fear. It’s not even a love story, although there’s plenty of awkward sexual tension.

One might call it a musical, but it’s not a musical. Granted,┬áthere are multiple musical interludes. But it’s no more a musical than someone singing in the shower.

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s about things we lose, like innocence and love. It’s also about realizing that promises are sometimes empty and dreams don’t always come true. It’s about suspecting that life doesn’t get any better and, most likely, keeps getting worse.

But it’s also about realizing that nothing’s ever lost, not forever anyway. It’s about remembering what matters and it’s about believing in what can’t always be seen. It’s about the possibility of becoming better human beings and ensuring that the future is not doomed to repeat the past.

Better human beings? Perhaps that’s a stretch. But it remains a hope, and with hope comes an idea, and from that idea, a story. It’s a story about impacting many people and spanning many years – almost 100 years, but who’s counting?


Typewriter Time Machine is about the American experience and how we lose our way only to find ourselves again. Oh, and it’s about two reluctant heroes whose lives change when a magical typewriter permits them the opportunity to protect the past from the cynicism that turns everything to to fertilizer sooner or later. But I’d be lying if I said there were only two heroes in the story. If only life were that simple.


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