About Us

Bandal Entertainment is currently a collaboration between Baron Brady and Randall Petrie. We share background in creative arts: Baron Brady is a writer and Randall Petrie a musician.

Baron Brady

An author of many published novels including Palpable Obscure, Malachi, Osireion’s Library as well as sci-fi novels Deus and Extant, Baron Brady is also a screenwriter specializing in sci-fi, historical and metaphysical stories.  One of his recent short stories, God’s Window, got published at Nebula Rift. Baron is also a musician with training on the piano and saxophone.

Randall Petrie

A classical and jazz pianist, Randall Petrie celebrates a diverse range of influences, from Thelonius Monk and Beethoven to Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. Randall is also a trained trumpeter and guitarist who’s jammed with other musical talents, from local garage bands to his friend, Stevie Wonder.


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